Hokona makes SAP® Customer Checkout smarter and easier

- but nothing works without our strong partners!

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    RetailOneSolution Network

    Three SAP® partners - one solution

    The unique SAP® partner network for store management 3.0. CAS AG, Consult-SK GmbH and hokona GmbH throw their solutions into a common pot and revolutionize the flow of information in the store.

    CAS AG

    Creates connections with new benefits

    CAS AG is a experienced team of far-sighted, reliable and committed employees for IT consulting. CAS AG works together with its customers to develop independent, customized end-to-end solutions that are built to last.

    The focus is on consulting around the integration of systems, data and processes as well as for the optimal use of SAP-applications. With our industry divisions Financial ServicesInsuranceIndustry and Retail our specialists have the optimal solution for your individual requirements.

    For more than 30 years the company is a competent partner for IT projects. When developing solutions, the employees not only focus on your current requirements, but also take into account future developments in your business environment.

    Consult-SK Ltd.

    Look for solutions instead of construction sites

    Consult-SK GmbH (CSK), headquartered in Minden, Westphalia, has been active as an SAP® process consultancy for well-known companies from the retail, industry, media, energy and waste disposal sectors throughout Germany and Europe since 2013. The company's services and competencies include customer-specific adaptations of SAP® add-ons, the digitalization of business processes in the areas of Purchase2Pay/Order2Cash and the development of its own SAP® software solutions. True to the motto "Processes. Simple. Better."

    Consenso Consulting

    A good partnership always proves itself first in the project

    That's exactly how we met. When we first spoke in the winter of 2019/2020, the SAP® Diamond Partner had consenso from Bielefeld, Germany, as a focus partner in the Retail & Consumer Products division, the opportunity to introduce SAP Checkout at Agravis.

    On the left in the picture: Marcel Ruholl. The phrase "I love efficiency" comes from him. Nothing better describes the collaboration and success of this partnership. With his valuable experience in retail and numerous POS implementations, he has been an anchor through all the little and big aches and pains.


    German-Portuguese joint venture implements legally secure use of SAP© POS solution in Portugal.

    The cash ambassadors of hokona GmbH, Robert Zieschang and Tobias Siltmann, were appointed in March 2021 by the Portuguese SAP© Business One Partner newoxygen brought this problem to our attention. Nelson Soares (see photo), Account Manager of the newoxygen, approached the Cash Ambassadors because he had been made aware of the useful plug-in developments through the SAP© community, such as the LineDisplay and eBon service, the hokona GmbH became attentive.

    Partner Tech Europe

    Hamburg hardware with passion

    Philip Banz (see photo), the TechNik among our partners, has been our reliable contact for questions around a responsive point-of-sale experience for several years now.

    Partner Tech has a broad hardware portfolio ranging from mobile devices to digital signage and self-checkout.

    Good project management is also characterized by the fact that the complementary hardware on which the solutions are to run functions flawlessly and all devices can easily talk to each other. Not to lose the overview and still offer a complete portfolio of hardware devices, fulfills for us the company Partner Tech from Norderstedt in Hamburg. In addition to common POS solutions, our hardware partner supplies customer displays, SCO devices, LCD monitors, tablets and POS peripherals of all kinds.

    Based on experience and numerous projects we have developed together with Partner Tech and Philip Banz have put together a product bundle that perfectly covers the hardware requirements of SAP® Customer Checkout.



    fiskaly is your partner for fiscalization in Europe and market leader for cloud-based TSE in Germany. Since 2015, our technical and financial experts have been developing cloud products for platform-independent recording of business cases. The cloud TSE fiskaly SIGN DE can be easily integrated into existing systems. It meets the legal requirements of the KassenSichV in the cloud. 

    "Added value for our customers is particularly important to me. With the partnership between hokona and fiskaly, we enable exactly that: To connect a purely cloud-based TSE to SAP® Customer Checkout. With one click, the POS system is connected to the fiskaly cloud TSE in compliance with the law. This saves time and costs." - Elias Priesching (see photo), Managing Director of fiskaly.

    Start new alliance

    Do you want to implement SAP® Checkout for your customers or in your company and need competent support? Feel free to contact us if you need someone to actively support you in the project or to make you and your team fit to sell SAP® Customer Checkout independently in the future.

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